Four things to have a “perfect” day at the Breakers

/Four things to have a “perfect” day at the Breakers

Four things to have a “perfect” day at the Breakers

And do not leave there without trying the gorgonzola truffle fries… that’s a regret you won’t want.  They are worth every single calorie. 

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I want to write this little ditty for those who want to experience a “perfect” day at one of the most fabulous resorts I’ve ever been to: The Breakers. Whether you’re in Palm Beach on spring break, here on a family vacation, or you live here… you MUST indulge in all the joys this place has to offer… even if you are not staying there. The Breakers has restaurants, a spa, pools galore, and beautiful sites!

1. Starting your day:

A walk along the beach is a must. It’s so calming and relaxing. After your walk, you can enjoy some breakfast or brunch at The Beach Club. I love enjoying my lunch there – with the site of the sea right in front of me. PS- the homemade crab cake salad and the chorizo and blackened shrimp salad are some of my favorites! (But everything there is fabulous.) Don’t forget to enjoy one or all of the five pools too! The relaxation pool is my fave.

2.  Next stop?  Worth Avenue.

Not far from this beautiful landmark is the Rodeo Drive of Florida: Worth Avenue. It’s quite the place for shopping, (window shopping), and people watching… Believe me. You WILL see some interesting people. I love walking down and saying hello to my favorite store associates – Lisa at Herve Leger is always a ray of light in my day… she knows her stuff and always has the BEST dress in mind for any occasion I attend. My friends on the second floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, the second floor of Tiffany and Co., etc… they are all so wonderful, and they will help you with any and all of your fashion NEEDS (or wants 😉 of course).

3.  Happy Hour MUST

Taboo. Now, this place has a reputation as “the place to see and be seen”. However, you must keep in mind that it isn’t a crowd of young people… but of young at heart people.  You don’t want to miss this spot, because you are guaranteed to see some characters. Plus,  happy hour, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. daily – is a must. Try the brie and pear pizza… or the “the nosh”. Delish.

4.  The Seafood Bar 

The Seafood Bar is one of my absolute favorite spots to enjoy a drink, dinner, or just the              view in general. Joe is the best bartender ever, and always knows what his customers want.  When I walk in, he brings me a “flirtini” right away! (You must try.) For an appetizer or dinner, the crab cakes or the filet are the way to go. And do not leave there without trying the gorgonzola truffle fries… that’s a regret you won’t want. They are worth every single calorie. 😉

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Now go check out these places for yourselves! 🙂


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