Why to love Palm Beach

/Why to love Palm Beach

Why to love Palm Beach

Palm Beach society moves listlessly through the summer months, hastens in fall, and accelerates even more as “the season” begins in December.

Hello darlings,

I hope you are having a drama-free day like I am (for now)! Because it is so drama-free, I’ve decided to share with you why you NEED to just love and adore Palm Beach. I myself already do… and I need you to join this partaaay. 😉


A picture I sent to my loves in other places… I do miss them always… but I love it here!  <3 XO

Now, If you are interested (although I am going to tell you whether you like it or not), I moved here about four years ago from Cleveland after vacationing to South Florida every year since I was two-years-young. I fell in love with the place. I mean I adored it… and I still do to this day. The Breakers was what really got me. I mean, I saw the place, and thought… “mmmk, I’m living here someday”. I love the Breakers so much that I even worked there for a couple days a week for a few months JUST to be there.

Now after four years here, I have gotten to experience even more adventures. Frolicking through Mar-a-Lago, interviewing “The Donald”, hanging out on yachts with Ben Carson (and despite your political views… it’s been interesting to meet people in politics!), hanging out on yachts with my fellow junior leaguers, meeting and engaging with Emeril Lagasse, going to champagne brunches at the International Polo Club, attending lavish events in Palm Beach, beautiful fashion shows on Worth Avenue and at The Breakers… and I can go on (but I shan’t today).

My point? Umm… do I need one? I think (if you like luxury) Palm Beach is the place to be.

Palm Beach is known around the world as one of the most glamorous, wealthy, luxurious, and sinful places. This exquisite 3.75 square-island is constantly in media glare (especially recently with all the political coverage). If you are thinking of visiting – I highly, highly recommend it. 🙂

I love that there is truly never a dull moment here. Palm Beach society moves listlessly through the summer months, hastens in fall, and accelerates even more as “the season” begins in December… I’ll admit, in the summer, it’s a very different vibe than in season, but the traffic? I love the traffic so much more in the summer. 😉

Take a chance and come see for yourself! Oh, and if you live here – don’t take it for granted! The site of the ocean still brings me daily joy, and the people I meet here are unlike any others that I have met anywhere else in my life. Truly.


PBT (ya, you know me!)


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