Educate Yourself About Our Future President

/Educate Yourself About Our Future President

Educate Yourself About Our Future President

Hello my friends,

I am not necessarily tattling on anything today, but I will tattle on YOU if you do not fulfill my request. 😉 #EducateYourself  PBTElection

Educate Yourself About Our Future President!

With all of the hype of the upcoming election, and with the more debates and campaigning right around the corner – I urge you, as my family, friends, and peers to educate yourselves about these presidential candidates.

Think about what values truly matter to you! Please, please do not believe everything you hear in the media… and try not to fall into believing false promises. Look at the backgrounds of both Clinton and Trump and see what YOU believe. Every vote counts.

I am not going to get in to what I believe, what my family believes, or what my friends believe because that is irrelevant. Each one of us needs to stand up and make our own choice.

Unfortunately, when it comes to formulating opinions of the candidates in this race, many of us are quick to believe the hype. We are swept up by the beliefs that one of these people can magically fix all of our problems. Let’s be realistic – this is politics, and people will say what they have to to get your vote.

It is easy to rely on often media accounts, media outlets, the news, etc. to find out who our candidates are and what they stand for. However, the amount of news coverage available sometimes does more harm than good. I know this first hand from working in news. As a journalist, I do not have time to write down every single detail – or air every detail. Key points and certain events are all there are time for. It is up to YOU as a member of this country to educate yourself beyond the media.

In our busy society, sure – it is tempting to read only the headlines and assume we are getting the full story – but we are smarter than that! This is our next president… this is the future leader of the United States – the leader of our FREE country (knock on wood).   

Media coverage quotes, clips, and articles are snipped and taken out of context. It is OUR job to look in to the full story. When a candidate pulls an outrageous publicity stunt, or says something controversial – these are the moments that stick in our minds. And though these actions do say something about a candidate’s character, they are NOT what voters should base decisions on. We should be examining past work ethic, voting records, and proposed future plans. Again, it’s OUR job.

Be a responsible, informed voter. It is so, so important to educate yourself. Don’t just choose a party, or a person, choose the beliefs and ideology that YOU most closely identify with. People who vote as a strict Republican or a strict Democrat (without researching) are not thinking about the future of U.S. foreign policy, education, or the economy. Many of us are not looking at the big picture — what is best for our nation as a whole.

And please just drop the saying: “If blah, blah, blah wins, I’m moving to _______.” No one believes you are really going to move. People have said this for years and no one moves! Don’t be such a cynic – just be a mindful citizen of this country. What you find in your ideal candidates background may surprise you.

And please do not think that your vote does not count. The truth is: every vote counts! It is our job to vote for our president, it is equally important to vote intelligently. So, please take a little time out of your day to research your candidates.   




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