Hurricane Matthew Necessities

/Hurricane Matthew Necessities

Hurricane Matthew Necessities

With hurricane Matthew’s potential effects still uncertain, it’s important to be prepared (just in case!) Here is a list of items for South Floridians to have on hand… Oh, and do not forget to get gas! The lines are long, but be patient. It’s necessary and worth it.

Hurricane Matthew Necessities

  1. Batteries, flashlights, and candles
  2. At least a three-day supply of water
  3. At least a three-day supply of food (If you have an infant, at least one weeks worth of baby food)
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Medications and medical items
  6. Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  7. Cell phone (fully charged) with an extra battery or external charger that doesn’t require electricity – laptops can charge your phone too (don’t forget!)
  8. Battery-powered radio
  9. Extra sets of keys (car and house!)
  10. Rain apparel and equipment
  11. Camera for pictures of possible damage
  12. Pet food and supplies

What to do Before the Possible Hurricane Comes 

  1. Fill your gas tank.
  2. Take out extra money to have on hand.
  3. Bring in anything from outdoors that can be picked up by high winds.
  4. Close all windows, doors, and hurricane shutters.
  5. If you do not have hurricane shutters – close and board up all windows and doors with plywood.
  6. Turn the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting and keep them closed as much as possible so that food will last longer if the power goes out.
  7. Unplug small appliances and turn off propane tanks.
  8. Talk with friends and family to create an evacuation plan.
  9. If you have a boat, be sure to secure it.

Please be safe, my fellow Floridians! I’ll update you more as news of the storm progresses.

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